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Government Transparency

On 15/03/18 it was revealed the government have not released a report into the safety of the RAH despite receiving it 10 days earlier. 

Advance SA believe this is not good enough and is demonstrative of the government's secrecy.

Your taxpayer dollars pay for this report so you should be able to read it.

Advance SA's position is that ALL publicly funded reports should be made public within 30 days of receipt. We need more transparency with how your money is being spent!

Hospital waiting lists

Advance SA believes South Australia should adopt a public waiting list register similar to Queensland for public hospital. 

Hospital waiting lists in Queensland are publicly available on government websites. This promotes transparency and gives the public access to important information. 

The South Australian government have been accused of manipulating hospital waiting lists by controlling the parameters of when a patient is considered to be waiting (ie only once seen by a specialist as opposed to outpatients). Having the information available publicly will hold the government to account. 

Legalising medically assisted dying

Advance SA believes that everyone should have a choice when it comes to their end of life. We recognise that assisted dying is not an option everyone will take but believe that it should be just that – an option.


Education Ombudsman

Establish an external body which will have the power to investigate complaints about schools after internal review processes have been exhausted. 

Read more about Advance SA's education policies here

Creating better security of tenure of residential tenancies

More and more South Australians are finding that they are renting rather than buying their properties. Current legislation does not provide security for either tenants or landlords. Advance SA will update the legislation to better reflect the change in property trends.

Decentralising the health care system – reintroduction of hospital boards

Transforming Health has made a mess of the health system. Many clinicians have condemned the plans and have supported decentralising the system in favour of locally run services and facilities. Advance believes this suggestion will be best for patient care and outcomes and will advocate this position.

Child Protection

Focus on early intervention and assistance for at risk families and children drawing on international best practice.

Parents should be comfortable to ask for help without fear of having their children removed. Focus of the department should be to work with parents to ensure the safety of the child. Introduction of preventative services such as telephone/online general assistance for child development and minor health matters. 

Read more child protection policies here

Focus on preventative services

“Prevention is better than cure”  - this is true for almost all facets of government – health, education, corrections, substance abuse to name a few. Advance SA believes that if resources are redirected to education, awareness and prevention of issues it will result in increased savings not only financially but for the community too.

Remove statute of limitations for victims of child sex abuse

Victims of child sexual abuse currently need to make a civil claim by the time they turn 21. If they do not meet this deadline, they must seek permission from the courts to make a claim out of time. The Federal Royal Commission recommended that the statute of limitations should be lifted not only for the criminal jurisdiction but for civil claims too. Advance SA’s Bill on this recently passed the Upper House. We will continue to advocate for this issue.

Operational audit

Advance SA has long advocated for all government departments and agencies to undertake an operational audit to identify their functions and services, the best way to undertake these tasks and the associated resources. This is in stark contrast to the policy of previous government policy which have called for indiscriminate and arbitrary cuts across the board. 

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